woensdag 13 oktober 2010

I am proud

Yesterday there were 11 people looking at my blog!

So ok, what I was thinking today is the fact that we sort of name things after things we know. Like my dog is called Spok, she is a german pointer. And when I see another german pointer, I don't say hey, is that a german pointer? No, I, and a lot of others too, say hey is that another Spok?? I just name the thing after things we know. It is like the same with Harry Potter. When we see Daniel Radcliffe, we automaticly say O it is Harry Potter. And what do you think about Edward Cullen? O I mean Robert Pattinson? This is strange, I mean just think about it!!

I am just going to stop writing, I already typed 3 different paragraphs about weird stuff which is going on in my mind. But I think I just cant explain what is going on in my mind. So I am not even going to do another attemt to explain it.
I actually think that you can never describe the exact mood you are in, because it is just a feeling, and evreyone has different feelings.
I wonder if there are people that feel the exact same way as I do when I feel happy.

OK, I am just going to stop talking for now. Think a little bit, let your brain work and Ill speek to you tomorrow!

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