dinsdag 26 oktober 2010


These are some languages I would like to learn:

Dutch: kan ik al
Francais: j'ai Francais à école mais je crois que mon francais n'est pas parfait, et mon but est de parler francais couramment.
Español: Me gustaría hablar
Chinese: 中國是偉大的
Japanese: 日本人が優れている

Ok, well actually I can not speak chinese, spanish nor japanese. So I translated it, I think you should put it back in the translater to see what I said. And then the translater makes it even funnier, quite sure it will :)

I have always wanted to learn like a lot of languages, but i simply just havent found time to teach myself. Maby I ll learn some in my gap year next year!
Sorry for the few posts the past weeks, I have been very very very busy. And I will be the next two weeks.


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