donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Hi do you want my baby?

Good evening this time,
I just wanted to say that, honestly, I am quite suprised that there are people reading it. I know 4 on a day is not a lot of people. But I really am happy that there are readers anyway! So thank you if your reading this, I really appriciate it!
I was actually searching for a funny picture that said something like thank you, but I decided that it was too much.

So I watched another film! It was just on the tv and I recognised the title form the dvd's of my friend. And I thought that it could be worth watching it, and it was actually!

Yesterday I watched JUNO.

Well first of all I have to say that it is quite a weird one. It is a nice movie and well I liked watching it, but that's because its so different from the normal "help I am pregnant" movies... in a good way though! Yeah it was nice to watch, the images that were used are cool and the music is awesome as well!

And this Bleeker dude, well I have to admit that he is such a nerrrddd but on the onther hand he is very very VERY cute because he is a nerd. And I think we should all wish for someone like Bleeker. I mean someone who cares about you no matter how you are and who will help you whenever you need him. Of course every one wants someone like that. And back to the movie: it is a nice romance comedie thing and yeah if you like sort of weird movies you should defenitely watch it!
O, and you should have a look at the site of the movie because it looks really coool! click-me

Do people actually like to read big blogs, or does it scares them? I don't know, so I guess Ill just stop writing and hope that this medium-sized blog doesnt scare anyone.

Have fun the rest of the evening for what's left!
Good bye!

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