vrijdag 15 oktober 2010


Good evening once again,

Don't you think that talking on msn is so much easier sometimes, when you have something to say you dont want to say face to face. But on the other hand there are a lot of times in which I want to tell someone something face to face. Like when something really exciting or well something really random happened, you just cant tell it on msn. Calling is better but I think that you really do miss something when you dont talk to someone face to face.

A facial expression can say so much more then words can. I know that I can have a lot of facial expressions, and I always use it when I am communicating. Like when I ask a question I raise one of my eyebrows, or when I like the story someone tells me I am smiling. But do we really think that the smile you give to the person that is talking to you gives the same effect as a :) or a :D. Perhaps it sort of represents the mood of someone, but what would you say about people who are always using emoticons? Are they always in a good mood? Those people are just not believeble, if they say a :) after each thing they say, I bet they don't even smile.
When I find myself saying a :) or a :D I am always smiling to my computer.

One of the weirdest things is to call to someone over the internet. So you are actually talking to your computer, I always feel very akward when Im doing this. It is hard to explain, because I can imagine that not everybody thinks it is weird. But lets take those vloggers of youtube. They are just talking to a camera, they are joking for the camera and then they post themselves on youtube where they can see theirself joking. I mean isnt it weird to talk to nothing and then after you posted it on youtube you sudenly talked to 100 people, and the next day to 300 if your lucky. And then there are also people who will tell you you suck!!. Why should we put ourself in such a vulnerable position? I think it is weird. Although it is really nice too watch! But I just couldnt make a video-blog myself, i just cant.

Thank god there are people who can ( charlie McDonnel, Alex Day, Smosh, Julian Smith)
Becasue if there werent I would have a lot of spare time to fill :)
( Yes i am smiling to my computer now because I wrote a stupid joke! )

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