zondag 10 oktober 2010

I love autumn!

I really love the way the sunshines. I really do, it is so magnificent.
The nice soft coulour of the sunlight has been shining in my room the whole day.
I am not kidding I really love the way the light shines into my room!

So enough about the wonderfull autumn light, btw even the leaves of the trees are nice. I think my favourite season is autumn. The weather is still nice while it is also a bit chilly, and the colours are like amazing. Haha I feel like I am in love, but I am not since it is just the weather. I think that the efect of spring is the same as the effect of autumn on me. (The effect of spring is that there is a lot of 'love' in the air)

But ok, I think I am just going to show some pictures of nice autumn colours, they are from last year but they just remind me of this weather and feeling!

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