maandag 18 oktober 2010

Making excuses

You are not the only one who realised that I sort of haven't posted everyday. If you did not then you should visit me more often! NERD

But Actually i do have quite some 'good' excuses fot not to post somtehing, because in my opinion it is stupid if people post something and they are actually talking about nothing but they just post because they want/have to post something. I think this makes the blog boring to read, and is not attractive for the blog itself. A blog should be plesant to read, and if it is there will more readers.

Another point is that I haven't got a lot of time lately. Most of the time I write in the morning or in the evening. But right now I have to do quite a lot of stuff for school and wel, it just takes a lot of time. And since I am a morning person I try to work in the mornings, and then in the afternoon I have other stuf to do and in the evening I watch movies or I go and walk with the dog or I visit friends.

I think I have never made up more nonsensical excuses, but they are sort of bona fide. ( haha I looked up a synonym for true and then it said bona fide, I like that word! Although its in the wrong context ill just leave it there )

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