dinsdag 26 oktober 2010


These are some languages I would like to learn:

Dutch: kan ik al
Francais: j'ai Francais à école mais je crois que mon francais n'est pas parfait, et mon but est de parler francais couramment.
Español: Me gustaría hablar
Chinese: 中國是偉大的
Japanese: 日本人が優れている

Ok, well actually I can not speak chinese, spanish nor japanese. So I translated it, I think you should put it back in the translater to see what I said. And then the translater makes it even funnier, quite sure it will :)

I have always wanted to learn like a lot of languages, but i simply just havent found time to teach myself. Maby I ll learn some in my gap year next year!
Sorry for the few posts the past weeks, I have been very very very busy. And I will be the next two weeks.


woensdag 20 oktober 2010

People you should listen to

OK, right now I want to introduce some artists you might like! Or well I like them and I think they deserve it to be liked and heard!

So we have :

And then we have:
STORNOWAY a really cool and nice band from Oxford. I saw them live and well was really good!

Ok and last but not least:

OK have fun listening and discovering these artists!

maandag 18 oktober 2010

Hot chocolate

There is a cold wind, and the air is still chilly. The leaves are falling of the trees, and it is time to wear your big scarf and your warm winter jacket. And your even doubting to wear gloves, then it is time for a big hot mug of hot chocolate. Ah, sometimes the only thing I really want is a warm mug in my hands and to nip from my tea or chocolatemilk. Hmm I love this winter atmosphere!!

So I would like to tell you what you can do with your hot chocolate to make it even better!!!

Here you can see the normal plane hot chocolate and one with whipe cream on it, hmmm

Then whe have the hot chocolate with some marshmallows on top, which is really nice and smuggy :)

ahhhhh i really feel like making some hot chocolate now, I can hear the rain ticking on the roof!
Some other things you can put in your hot chocolate:
- Smarties
- Pieces of real chocolate
- Some instant coffee
Enjoy the feeling of holding a warm cup of chocolate milk in your hands!!

Making excuses

You are not the only one who realised that I sort of haven't posted everyday. If you did not then you should visit me more often! NERD

But Actually i do have quite some 'good' excuses fot not to post somtehing, because in my opinion it is stupid if people post something and they are actually talking about nothing but they just post because they want/have to post something. I think this makes the blog boring to read, and is not attractive for the blog itself. A blog should be plesant to read, and if it is there will more readers.

Another point is that I haven't got a lot of time lately. Most of the time I write in the morning or in the evening. But right now I have to do quite a lot of stuff for school and wel, it just takes a lot of time. And since I am a morning person I try to work in the mornings, and then in the afternoon I have other stuf to do and in the evening I watch movies or I go and walk with the dog or I visit friends.

I think I have never made up more nonsensical excuses, but they are sort of bona fide. ( haha I looked up a synonym for true and then it said bona fide, I like that word! Although its in the wrong context ill just leave it there )

vrijdag 15 oktober 2010


Good evening once again,

Don't you think that talking on msn is so much easier sometimes, when you have something to say you dont want to say face to face. But on the other hand there are a lot of times in which I want to tell someone something face to face. Like when something really exciting or well something really random happened, you just cant tell it on msn. Calling is better but I think that you really do miss something when you dont talk to someone face to face.

A facial expression can say so much more then words can. I know that I can have a lot of facial expressions, and I always use it when I am communicating. Like when I ask a question I raise one of my eyebrows, or when I like the story someone tells me I am smiling. But do we really think that the smile you give to the person that is talking to you gives the same effect as a :) or a :D. Perhaps it sort of represents the mood of someone, but what would you say about people who are always using emoticons? Are they always in a good mood? Those people are just not believeble, if they say a :) after each thing they say, I bet they don't even smile.
When I find myself saying a :) or a :D I am always smiling to my computer.

One of the weirdest things is to call to someone over the internet. So you are actually talking to your computer, I always feel very akward when Im doing this. It is hard to explain, because I can imagine that not everybody thinks it is weird. But lets take those vloggers of youtube. They are just talking to a camera, they are joking for the camera and then they post themselves on youtube where they can see theirself joking. I mean isnt it weird to talk to nothing and then after you posted it on youtube you sudenly talked to 100 people, and the next day to 300 if your lucky. And then there are also people who will tell you you suck!!. Why should we put ourself in such a vulnerable position? I think it is weird. Although it is really nice too watch! But I just couldnt make a video-blog myself, i just cant.

Thank god there are people who can ( charlie McDonnel, Alex Day, Smosh, Julian Smith)
Becasue if there werent I would have a lot of spare time to fill :)
( Yes i am smiling to my computer now because I wrote a stupid joke! )

woensdag 13 oktober 2010

I am proud

Yesterday there were 11 people looking at my blog!

So ok, what I was thinking today is the fact that we sort of name things after things we know. Like my dog is called Spok, she is a german pointer. And when I see another german pointer, I don't say hey, is that a german pointer? No, I, and a lot of others too, say hey is that another Spok?? I just name the thing after things we know. It is like the same with Harry Potter. When we see Daniel Radcliffe, we automaticly say O it is Harry Potter. And what do you think about Edward Cullen? O I mean Robert Pattinson? This is strange, I mean just think about it!!

I am just going to stop writing, I already typed 3 different paragraphs about weird stuff which is going on in my mind. But I think I just cant explain what is going on in my mind. So I am not even going to do another attemt to explain it.
I actually think that you can never describe the exact mood you are in, because it is just a feeling, and evreyone has different feelings.
I wonder if there are people that feel the exact same way as I do when I feel happy.

OK, I am just going to stop talking for now. Think a little bit, let your brain work and Ill speek to you tomorrow!

dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Chocolate monkey

Today, I am in desperate need of some chocolate.

Next week we have holiday, so what does this mean? More free time? No. I haven't figured out yet why, but holiday always means more stress and more work. It's like the teachers have this weird idea of : "O holiday is comming, then we should hurry up and give them some extra work!"
Actually I am quite sure they don't think that, they probably think something like "How can we ruin their holiday and make sure that we have nothing to do?" And then the solution will be, give BIG assignments which should be done after the holiday so you have nothing to do in you own holiday and the students have enough time to do something! Wow what a solution, those teachers probably think they are brilliant...

Now what to do, I am sorry that I haven't post something yesterday, but I was sort of punishing nobody for not reding my blog. But then people start to read it at times like 11 p.m. That like when I am asleep. So the whole day i'm like, no one is interested in reading my blog, and then the next day I discover 3 very bored people who read it! YEEY.
Actually it is quite understandable, I mean I sleep at 11 pm so I am not bored because I sleep. But when people don't sleep they, most of them, end up behind their computer and they read blogs, or watch funny videos.

Wow I know what I will post in this blog: vloggers you HAVE TO SEE!

(OK, atm I really like smosh, but they are all nice! :) )


zondag 10 oktober 2010

I love autumn!

I really love the way the sunshines. I really do, it is so magnificent.
The nice soft coulour of the sunlight has been shining in my room the whole day.
I am not kidding I really love the way the light shines into my room!

So enough about the wonderfull autumn light, btw even the leaves of the trees are nice. I think my favourite season is autumn. The weather is still nice while it is also a bit chilly, and the colours are like amazing. Haha I feel like I am in love, but I am not since it is just the weather. I think that the efect of spring is the same as the effect of autumn on me. (The effect of spring is that there is a lot of 'love' in the air)

But ok, I think I am just going to show some pictures of nice autumn colours, they are from last year but they just remind me of this weather and feeling!

vrijdag 8 oktober 2010

Another recipe for the sunday morning


I just made some cookies with the sister of my best friend. Is that weird? Well i enjoyed it so it is probably not that weird at all... And the cookies tasted really nice! Actually I think I am going to give you the recipe since I have nothing better to write about.

Of course i could tell you what I am working on, which is "Is obesity determined by our genes" it is really interesting, because actually it is determined by our genes for 40-70%.
( Dont you think that it is funny that I am talking about cookies, then about obesity and now i want you to make/eat cookies?)

so here is the recipe for well we call it: "Zandkoekjes"

  • 250 gram flour
  • 100 gram sugar
  • 1 egg
  • 1 vanilla sugar
  • 125 gram butter
  1. Mix everything, just put everything in a bowl and then knead it till its well one big dough ball.
  2. Well spread it out and cut it into nice forms
  3. Put it in the oven for 15 minutes on 200 celsius!


The translation of zandkoekjes is sandcookies, but that doesnt sound very eatable, so just call it cookies!

donderdag 7 oktober 2010

Hi do you want my baby?

Good evening this time,
I just wanted to say that, honestly, I am quite suprised that there are people reading it. I know 4 on a day is not a lot of people. But I really am happy that there are readers anyway! So thank you if your reading this, I really appriciate it!
I was actually searching for a funny picture that said something like thank you, but I decided that it was too much.

So I watched another film! It was just on the tv and I recognised the title form the dvd's of my friend. And I thought that it could be worth watching it, and it was actually!

Yesterday I watched JUNO.

Well first of all I have to say that it is quite a weird one. It is a nice movie and well I liked watching it, but that's because its so different from the normal "help I am pregnant" movies... in a good way though! Yeah it was nice to watch, the images that were used are cool and the music is awesome as well!

And this Bleeker dude, well I have to admit that he is such a nerrrddd but on the onther hand he is very very VERY cute because he is a nerd. And I think we should all wish for someone like Bleeker. I mean someone who cares about you no matter how you are and who will help you whenever you need him. Of course every one wants someone like that. And back to the movie: it is a nice romance comedie thing and yeah if you like sort of weird movies you should defenitely watch it!
O, and you should have a look at the site of the movie because it looks really coool! click-me

Do people actually like to read big blogs, or does it scares them? I don't know, so I guess Ill just stop writing and hope that this medium-sized blog doesnt scare anyone.

Have fun the rest of the evening for what's left!
Good bye!

woensdag 6 oktober 2010

Bake it baby


Today I would like to share a recipe with you, I already made it quite some times and it is just delicious! It is really nice, and it is even quite easy to make.

So what the hell is she talking about, muffins, cake, pie, donuts??!

No guys I am talking about APPLEPIE, what else?!
Thanks to this site I found the lovely recipe: http://appeltaarten.web-log.nl/

What do we need?
4-5 Apples
250 gram flour
250 gram sugar
150 gram oatmeal
200 gram of melted butter
some cinnamon

So what to do when you have all the ingredients?
1. Peel the apples, doesnt really matter how you slice them. If you like big pieces then slice big pieces. I always use quite big pieces of apple but I do slice them thin, so thin but big!
2. Put some cinnamon over the apples and if you like also some extra sugar. I always put cinnamon ánd sugar on the aplles because the apples taste better with some extra sugar.
3. Mix all the ingredients except the apples. Just put everything in a bowl, and don't forget to melt the butter!!
4. Well put it in a tin and preserve a little bit of the dough so you can make a nice layer on top of the apples. I dont know how you like to make your pie, I always make the top of the cake like the picture, but thats up to you!
5. Put the cake in the oven for one hour on 175-200 degrees.


(actually the pie is even better when it is cold, I know it sounds weird.. but if you can resist the temptation try to let it cool down and then eat it. It'll be better then the warm version!! )

Enjoy your meal!

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Couch patato

Good morning,

I still haven't found an interesting to write about so I guess I am just going to promote some movies int his post, and maybe it will be music or funny youtube vlogger you should subscribe to. Yes I guess I will just talk a lot and then sometimes give some advise.

Ok so yesterday I watched 2 movies. Normally I just don't watch any movies at all, but yesterday I just felt like watching a movie. So the first one I watched was "Remember me" the other one was "The bounty hunter". Two totaly different movies, but I am quite random so it shouldn't suprise you!

Remember me:
Well as you can see it is a movie with Robert Pattinson in it! I do like the books of twilight and I have to admit that I do not hate the twilight movies. But this whole thing is just too much and that is why I do not really like twilight.

Did you notice that when I talked about Rob I automaticly linked him to twilight. This must be hard, I mean this guy does play Edward but I mean he is still Robert Pattinson and not Edward Cullen. I think Daniel Radcliffe has the same problem, he turned in to Harry Potter. But he is still Daniel and not Harry. This must be hard for persons who are famous for one role they played.

But back to the remember me movie, I have to say I liked it. The whole ambiance was good and I loved the shots they used. But on the other hand the story line sort of missed, I am not sure why but I just had the feeling that it was missing. And then the end was so totaly random. I was watching with a friend, and at the end we were both like "WHAT THE HELL?!" it was so random and it actually had nothing to do with the movie. Though it was a little bit strange I did enjoyed the movie and I really recommend you to watch it.

The bounty hunter:
Ok, I have to admit that there were very funny parts in this film. I really had to laugh quite some times. I have this well 'cough' (I have to refer to my other blog once more... :) eefebel.blog.com ) And well evrytime I laughed it turned out in this absurd cough, must have sounded very weird if you didnt know I was watching a movie. It was like HAHACOUGHCOUCG UGUUH UGUUH UGAAUSHDU... Can you imagine? No? Thank god you can't it sounded ridiculous!
You could not describe it as a good movie, but it was absolutely enjoyable and well there have to be movies like that! So another movie I have to recommend I guess. If you are bored, or you are lying in bed and dont want to go to sleep yet. Just watch it!

But enough for today, and watch the movies :D
I feel good now because this was probably the first blogpost with something usefull! Well I hope it was usefull ;)

So now it actually rhymes... eh yeah

zondag 3 oktober 2010

"Leids ontzet"

So today is 3 october, probably a normal day for everyone, but in Leiden it is a special day. A day to celebrate and eat hutspot.

It all started when the spanish army came to Leiden, sort of stayed there for quite a while so all the people in Leiden were very hungry and stuff. And well the spanish people left because thay were sort of afraid for the Dutch army, though it took the Dutch quite a while to help leiden!
Ok but when the spanish people left they left a sort of meal called hutspot. And all the people were very happy because there was food to eat! And of course the they they were liberated of the spanish macho's is 3 october.

So this is the short version of what happened on 3 october. And it explain why we celebrate it and eat hutspot. So if you ever want to experience Holland you should go on 3 october to Leiden. Otherwise you should just join Queensday or something, a little bit bigger but still it all comes down to dutch people drinking beer (and smoking weed).

So today I wanted to get something called an Oliebol. Really nice just a fried dough ball, with or without raisins. So I walked to the fair in Leiden with my friends... I dont know why I did that because I have been cauging for a week now and the stairs are almost too much. But I did it and I walked to the fair, and it was really crowded and I was gasping for some air, but then i saw the Oliebollen stall. And everything was allright and I ordered an oliebol with raisins and sugar. AND I ENJOYED IT.

You should as well, so take my advice and buy something like an oliebol, it is really nice and when you are looking out for something like that it even tastes better! So enjoy your Oliebol, I am.
nom nom nom, i ate it and I think I should get some extra. Yeah, I am going again tomorrow to get more Oliebollen, one is not enough.

Bon appetit
(why do i want to write xoxo underneath this, that is sad.)

zaterdag 2 oktober 2010

It is all about the clicking

I really like the fact that I can see how many page views I have.

This make me feel that I am not writing for nobody, like someone IS reading this, and well probably just clicking the link that I just tweeted. But thanks for clicking!

So right now I am still trying to find a purpose for my blog. See my other blog (where I couldnt see how many people were visiting my blog) for well the searching an aim/purpose for my blogpost. CLICK

Thank you for clicking again if you clikced at all :)

This feels weird

Hello! (what an original opening)
So I recently started blogging. I made this blog at Blog.com and I already posted well quite a lot I think. But now I wanted to know how many views I got, but I couldnt find it anywhere. And their helpdesk isnt very helping as well. So I saw that I can do somethign on this blog to see my views, and that is why I sort of made this blog.
But right now I am very annoyed by the fact that this blog refuses to import my other blog from blog.com... ARGH stupid thing.

So now I am just going to figure out this blog and see if Id rather start a sort of new blog on blogger or that I am going back to my old blog.
My old blog is btw
OK I am going to figure out how everything works!

Good bye and talk soon!