maandag 4 oktober 2010

Couch patato

Good morning,

I still haven't found an interesting to write about so I guess I am just going to promote some movies int his post, and maybe it will be music or funny youtube vlogger you should subscribe to. Yes I guess I will just talk a lot and then sometimes give some advise.

Ok so yesterday I watched 2 movies. Normally I just don't watch any movies at all, but yesterday I just felt like watching a movie. So the first one I watched was "Remember me" the other one was "The bounty hunter". Two totaly different movies, but I am quite random so it shouldn't suprise you!

Remember me:
Well as you can see it is a movie with Robert Pattinson in it! I do like the books of twilight and I have to admit that I do not hate the twilight movies. But this whole thing is just too much and that is why I do not really like twilight.

Did you notice that when I talked about Rob I automaticly linked him to twilight. This must be hard, I mean this guy does play Edward but I mean he is still Robert Pattinson and not Edward Cullen. I think Daniel Radcliffe has the same problem, he turned in to Harry Potter. But he is still Daniel and not Harry. This must be hard for persons who are famous for one role they played.

But back to the remember me movie, I have to say I liked it. The whole ambiance was good and I loved the shots they used. But on the other hand the story line sort of missed, I am not sure why but I just had the feeling that it was missing. And then the end was so totaly random. I was watching with a friend, and at the end we were both like "WHAT THE HELL?!" it was so random and it actually had nothing to do with the movie. Though it was a little bit strange I did enjoyed the movie and I really recommend you to watch it.

The bounty hunter:
Ok, I have to admit that there were very funny parts in this film. I really had to laugh quite some times. I have this well 'cough' (I have to refer to my other blog once more... :) ) And well evrytime I laughed it turned out in this absurd cough, must have sounded very weird if you didnt know I was watching a movie. It was like HAHACOUGHCOUCG UGUUH UGUUH UGAAUSHDU... Can you imagine? No? Thank god you can't it sounded ridiculous!
You could not describe it as a good movie, but it was absolutely enjoyable and well there have to be movies like that! So another movie I have to recommend I guess. If you are bored, or you are lying in bed and dont want to go to sleep yet. Just watch it!

But enough for today, and watch the movies :D
I feel good now because this was probably the first blogpost with something usefull! Well I hope it was usefull ;)

So now it actually rhymes... eh yeah

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