zondag 3 oktober 2010

"Leids ontzet"

So today is 3 october, probably a normal day for everyone, but in Leiden it is a special day. A day to celebrate and eat hutspot.

It all started when the spanish army came to Leiden, sort of stayed there for quite a while so all the people in Leiden were very hungry and stuff. And well the spanish people left because thay were sort of afraid for the Dutch army, though it took the Dutch quite a while to help leiden!
Ok but when the spanish people left they left a sort of meal called hutspot. And all the people were very happy because there was food to eat! And of course the they they were liberated of the spanish macho's is 3 october.

So this is the short version of what happened on 3 october. And it explain why we celebrate it and eat hutspot. So if you ever want to experience Holland you should go on 3 october to Leiden. Otherwise you should just join Queensday or something, a little bit bigger but still it all comes down to dutch people drinking beer (and smoking weed).

So today I wanted to get something called an Oliebol. Really nice just a fried dough ball, with or without raisins. So I walked to the fair in Leiden with my friends... I dont know why I did that because I have been cauging for a week now and the stairs are almost too much. But I did it and I walked to the fair, and it was really crowded and I was gasping for some air, but then i saw the Oliebollen stall. And everything was allright and I ordered an oliebol with raisins and sugar. AND I ENJOYED IT.

You should as well, so take my advice and buy something like an oliebol, it is really nice and when you are looking out for something like that it even tastes better! So enjoy your Oliebol, I am.
nom nom nom, i ate it and I think I should get some extra. Yeah, I am going again tomorrow to get more Oliebollen, one is not enough.

Bon appetit
(why do i want to write xoxo underneath this, that is sad.)

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