dinsdag 12 oktober 2010

Chocolate monkey

Today, I am in desperate need of some chocolate.

Next week we have holiday, so what does this mean? More free time? No. I haven't figured out yet why, but holiday always means more stress and more work. It's like the teachers have this weird idea of : "O holiday is comming, then we should hurry up and give them some extra work!"
Actually I am quite sure they don't think that, they probably think something like "How can we ruin their holiday and make sure that we have nothing to do?" And then the solution will be, give BIG assignments which should be done after the holiday so you have nothing to do in you own holiday and the students have enough time to do something! Wow what a solution, those teachers probably think they are brilliant...

Now what to do, I am sorry that I haven't post something yesterday, but I was sort of punishing nobody for not reding my blog. But then people start to read it at times like 11 p.m. That like when I am asleep. So the whole day i'm like, no one is interested in reading my blog, and then the next day I discover 3 very bored people who read it! YEEY.
Actually it is quite understandable, I mean I sleep at 11 pm so I am not bored because I sleep. But when people don't sleep they, most of them, end up behind their computer and they read blogs, or watch funny videos.

Wow I know what I will post in this blog: vloggers you HAVE TO SEE!

(OK, atm I really like smosh, but they are all nice! :) )


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