dinsdag 10 januari 2012


Hello there, 

It's already 2012! Do you already have any intentions for 2012? I do not. Although I know it will be a good year. 
So, I've watched, read and baked a lot. 
If you feel like snow and cute guys you should absolutely watch Chalet Girl. I loved it, and I love Ed Westwick of course but who doesn't right? Another great thing about the movie is the music, it is soooo nice!
Try listening to those songs if you want to hear feel-good music but you dont have time to watch the movie:

# Lucky Elephant - Edgar
# Sliimy- Wake Up
# Paloma Faith - Upside Down
# Livingston - Go
# One eskimo - Amazing

And if your watching this and feel like food you absolutely should try some dark chocolate. 
Sometime I really wonder how its possible I am not extremely fat haha. 
I will be back. 
Cheers and happy new year!

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