zondag 13 maart 2011

Make yourself comfortable for those movies

I would be repeating myself is I'd say it is quite a while ago since my last post . But this doesnt make it not true :) Sorry, I've just been quite bussy lately.
Altough I have been busy I did have time to watch a lot of movies! So I'll make a little list of movies I watched and you should/could watch as well!

We'll start with The American with George Clooney! The movie is quite different then other movies, it is made by Anton Corbijn, a photographer, so the images which are used are amazing. Every shot in the movie is a beautifull picture. Altough the plot itself is not very interesting you just had to keep on watching because of the images and because you actually had NO idea what will happen. This is just an amazing movie when you don't feel like doing anything and you really don't want to see a failed romcom or a heavy action thriller.

After the amercian we have another type of movie, Love and other disasters. I really enjoyed the movie, altough it might be a little predictable it is a funny and nice movie! I would say it is the movie you could watch when your with a few friends and you do not have anything better to do! And by the way you should really take a look at the trailer, haha :D

And well since it was almost valentines day, quite a while ago yeah haha. I also watches Valentines day. The movie structure looks like the structure of Love Actually. But in my opinion no movie can beat love actually! But they did a nice job and it sure was a nice movie to watch!

Oke people have fun watching movies! And I will be back soon since there are a lot of other movies and series I watched, books I read and recipies I tried :D
Bye byeee

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