donderdag 11 november 2010

Kitty Cat

I made some pictures of my cat :D

Ah I love the last picture, unfortuanatly she moved a little bit. But I still love it, it shows the pride that cats have. Like a little lion.

The cat did not really like me taking pictures of her. So I have a lot of moved pictures!

Right now there is a little storm or something, wow there is so much wind and rain. And it is freeeeezing! Ah i hope the weather changes soon, in stead of the storm making me calm I get very excited and restless. And I do not know why but it is annoying. Guess autumn is just nice when the leaves are brown, and the sky is greeyyy. I've been for a walk... Haha I just thought of this song when I wrote`the leaves are brown´. Well never mind. I am going to pack my bags so I can leave to Maastricht tomorrow!

Good day.

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